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5. PAYMENT TERMS FOR SERVICES – The services and products on the website may result in binding purchase agreements for you. Therefore, we or other payment services may receive a payment from you, including the use of credit card information that was provided by you for the payment. Fees may include taxes as required by law. If we are unable to fullfil the payment, we may contact you based on your information on file or request payment if we perform services for you. If you do not pay overdue amounts, despite our best efforts to contact you, we may restrict or block your order until payment issues are resolved. In addition, there are configuration options on the website. Once submitted, a configuration of an ordered e-moped can be adjusted up to a maximum of 5 days by contacting Eysing by telephone or e-mail. After that, you are bound by the configuration you specified. More details are provided in the purchase agreement. Please read our privacy policy on how we handle your data.

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