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When you buy an Eysing you become a member of the Eysing family. You will never be a customer but always an ambassador. Eysing attaches great importance to personal contact and service.

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Parker Schmidt


Moments after pulling the tightly wound throttle of the Eysing Pioneer, you quickly forget any previous stereotypes or grudges you might’ve had against electric mopeds. As this is hardly a moped but a crossroad between a machine that is seen as a token to generations of racing tradition and uncompromised utility and style in a field riddled with those who cut corners just to keep with the times. The ride of an Eysing is one that comes with a sense of exclu.sivity that is only possibile with such a brand’s intention to respect tradition yet boundless in it’s possibilities

Kevin Rice – CCO Chief Creative Officer Pininfarina


Eysing – driven by passion and vision The young Eysing team clearly have a passion for excitement on two wheels and perfectly transport the rich history of the brand into the “Pioneer S” which excites the imagintion and really makes people want to ride it. There are many electic two wheelers on the market but most all follow the same format and look the same and very few capture the real spirit of riding. Eysing has the vision to really understand what makes people’s emotions pulse and they have chanelled this perfectly into their bikes. It’s the blending of this passion and vision which fully celebrates “heritage” but at the same time, is something for now. The “Pioneer S” captures the zeitgeist but transports people out of the “down to earth” aspects of modern life. Put simply, they have created something that puts a smile on your face and makes you want to get on it and ride! So we at Pininfarina were a little surprised when they asked us to create something futuristic, especially having seen how brilliantly they have invented a “New Heritage”. But we should not have been surprised because it was the same “passion” and “vision” they used to create the heritage bike that opened the door to the collaboration with Pininfarina. The vision to create something futuristic that opened the same window in people’s imagination as the “Pioneer S” did, but with a technical, innovative look that perfectly defines today’s dependency on technology, but a design linking the past and the future at the same time. With their two bikes together, you can literally “travel through time” with Eysing! For Pininfarina it was such a wonderful creative challenge to create this bike together with them by fusing our passion and vision together with theirs. Kevin Rice - CCO Chief Creative Officer Pininfarina, Turin Italy.